back vitalizer TM

Did you know that prolonged sitting can cause lower back pain and injury?
Do you want to reduce or prevent pain, stiffness or fatigue in your lower back, neck and/or shoulder?

If so, the next 120 seconds may well be the best two minutes you will ever invest in your life!

Simply by adopting it in your daily life, the revolutionary Back Vitalizer™ will help you ...

  • Relieve lower back pain, stiffness and fatigue
  • Improve sitting posture, and reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Strengthen lower back, and enhance core stability
  • Improve the health of your spine and extend its healthy life span
  • Improve postural stability and functional balance
  • Exercise the deep stabilizing muscles in lower back
  • Support natural curvature of your spine, and maintain your body's endurance
  • Relieve your spine's intradiscal pressure and prevent static load
  • Increase blood circulation to back muscles, and maintain vitality of your back
  • Exercise knee or ankle, and recover from injuries better and faster
  • Promote blood circulation in legs and feet, and reduce swelling in legs during long haul flights

rave reviews

"Still the best product of its kind I have seen over the last 20 years."
-Dr. James Cassillo, DC. Massapequa, NY

"I have used a Back Vitalizer for 3 years and it has made a huge difference as I sit in meetings, at my desk, during travel and practically anywhere I need to sit."
-Mr. Scott Luley, Ph.D. Princeton, NJ

"Best thing ever! Astronomically superior to any other back support/seat I've ever tried. Fully recommend it to anybody I talk to. Keep up the excellent work!"
-Ms. Clarice Crooker, Oshawa, ON

"The single best back support/rest/cushion I have ever tried. In two days, it became a must-have in the car. I am getting more for the house and everyone is getting one for Christmas. "
-Ms. Linda Dennison, Marietta, MI

"As a planner working full time I get so engrossed in my work I find my lower back and legs are stiff when I get up. The Back Vitalizer has already proved to relieve this ache and I fully recommend it to all office users who sit for long periods of time."
-Ms. Cheryl Grieve, Sydney, Australia