Latest News

  • Success at Edinburgh Lectures
    Jul. 18, 2011

    For the first time, BodyRyzm LifeSciences has exhibited in UK.
    It was a great success. Most doctors at the Edinburgh Lectures were amazed of how effective our neuromechanical solutions are. A large number of leading doctors signed up right at the exhibition to make these effective solutions available to their patients.

  • Success at Dr. Erich’s BootCamp, Again
    May 22, 2011

    Following upon our success at Dr. Erich’s by-invitation-only BootCamp in 2010, we exhibited at Dr. Erich’s BootCamp again this year.

    Dr. Erich’s students represent an elite group of chiropractic profession. They are open minded, eager to learn and are successful. And many of them are amongst the best and most active customers of our neuromechanical solutions.

  • First time at ACCO Annual Convention
    Apr. 30, 2011

    What a great experience. ACCO doctors are highly knowledgeable and open to new innovations. Many of the ACCO leadership are already amongst our valued customers. With this exhibition, even more American chiropractic orthopedists have signed on with us.

  • ICA Annual Convention
    Mar. 6, 2011

    It is always a nice experience to exhibit at ICA convention in Columbus, OH.

    We met many old friends, amongst them Mr. Lee Haney (the 8 times Mr. Olympia), Mr. Arnold Schwazenger (the Terminator) and Dr. John Multby (chairman of ICA).

    Many ICA members signed up with us as new customers. We are truly grateful to the support of oursuch valued customers as ICA members and look forward to working with them in a long time to come.

  • Rendezvous with NWCC
    Jul. 18, 2011

    North West Chiropractic College has long been holding of the largest home comings amongst a chiropractic colleges.

    First time we attended NWCC’s Annual Home Coming was in 2007. And it was a great success.

    This year, it was no difference. The NWCC’s book store is now nice set up with our Back Vitalizers.

  • Parker Seminar
    Jan. 15, 2011

    As the largest trade show in the chiropractic industry, the Vegas Parker Seminar is always busy and upbeat.
    We have been exhibiting at Parker Seminar for many time in Las Vegas. Many doctors have already been our customers. It was nice to say hi and to thank-you to our large number of valued customers, while helping new doctors sign up with our propriotary neuromechcanical solutions for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and TOS relief.

  • Grand Opening of European Warehouse
    Jan. 5, 2011

    To better service our Europeancustomers, we have set up a new  logisticcentre in Bremen, Germany.

    Our new European warehouse helps our EU customer effectively eliminate the hustles, costs and time related to customs inspection, duty charges and oversea shipping. With a typical order of a case of 12 Back Vitalizer, for example, a doctor in a EU country will save more than EUR100.

  • Medica 2010
    Nov. 20, 2010

    Held in Dusseldorf, Germany, Medica is world’s largest trade show for medical devices industry. Over 140,000 visitors from over 120 countries converge at the event year after year.

    The effectiveness of our line of neuromechanical solutions caught intense imagination of medical and business professionals from all corners of the world.As a result, our customer base in Europe is growing rapidly ...